Short communication: administering an appeasing substance to Bos indicus-influenced beef cattle at weaning and feedlot entry 2019

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The bovine appeasing substance is expected to have calming effects in cattle under stressful conditions. In this study, bovine appeasing substance administration to beef calves at weaning reduced circulating concentrations of haptoglobin, a biomarker of stress-induced inflammation, and improved calf growth dur- ing a 45-day post-weaning period. Administering BAS to beef bulls entering a feedlot had initial benefits to growth, which were not sustained throughout a 45-day experimental period. Additional research is warranted to understand the underlying reasons for these outcomes; however, bovine appeasing sub- stance appears to be an alternative to improve welfare and pro- ductivity of cattle exposed to stressful management procedures. 

Auteur: R. F. Cooke , A. Millican, A. P. Brandão, T. F. Schumaher, O. A. de Sousa, T. Castro, R. S. Farias and B. I. Cappellozza

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